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How to Weatherproof Your Windows and Doors for Winter

With the cold season underway, you may have already noticed cool drafts coming from your windows and doors. Given the exorbitant amounts Calgary homeowners like you already pay to heat their homes, isn’t it worth taking the steps necessary to weatherproof your home? Keep a little warmer this winter by doing any or all of the following.

Use Weather Stripping around Doors

Most hardware stores sell rubber or vinyl weather stripping that you can fasten around entrances to keep the cold air at bay. You simply need to attach it around the door’s casing with staples or nails.

Apply a Sweep to the Bottom of Doors
The biggest draft from entrances often comes from the bottom, where the lower edge of the door meets the threshold. Warping in materials can cause a gap to form that allows winter winds to seep into your home. Purchase a sweep that can be attached—either with an adhesive or nails—to the base of your door. It’s an inexpensive option and can make a big difference to your door’s ability to keep out the cold.

Use Draft Snakes at Windows and Doors
Fabric tubes filled with sand—sometimes known as draft snakes—can be placed under doors and on windowsills to keep cold air from entering. Cute, funny or understated ones can be purchased online or if you’re crafty, you can make them yourself.

Add Caulking around Windows
Caulking is inexpensive and can be purchased at any Calgary hardware store. It can be applied around the edges of your windows—both interiors and exteriors should be treated—in order to seal up any pockets where air might be coming in. Instead of caulking you can also use weather stripping or a foaming sealant.

Apply an Insulating Film to Windows
Insulating film, a product that resembles saran wrap, can be purchased and adhered to drafty windows as an extra protective layer against the cold. A hairdryer and about five minutes of your time is all that’s needed to place the film. The only downside is that windows can’t be opened without breaking the seal.

Use Heavy Drapes around Windows
An old solution but one that works remarkably well is to use heavy curtains to cover your windows. You can also suspend thick quilts or blankets underneath the curtains you already have in place.

Replace Your Windows and Doors
Sometimes quick fixes aren’t enough and old windows and doors eventually need to be replaced. The good news is there are many energy efficient options and installing them can save you a hefty amount on your heating and cooling costs. If it’s time to replace your windows and doors, gives us a call at Onit Roofing and Exteriors Inc. We’ll help you choose energy efficient products that will keep your Calgary home warm and draft-free for many years to come.

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