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The most common type of roofing you’ll see on homes or businesses is a sloped roof, the familiar triangle shape that children draw and you most likely picture in your head when thinking of your dream home. Sloped roofing is classified in two categories: low slope and steep slope. As you can imagine, a low sloping roof doesn’t have much pitch and is often called flat roofing, while a steep sloping roof is taller and more triangle-like. Whether your home has a steep sloped roof or a nearly flat roof, Onit Roofing & Exteriors Inc. can repair or install a new roof on your home or business.

Low Slope Roofing vs. Steep Slope Roofing

The standard way to measure a roof’s pitch or angle is by how much the height decreases (falls) over a 12-inch distance, and the measurements are displayed as ratios. Thus, a roof that falls 3 inches over 12 inches is 3:12. Roofs are considered to have a low slope with a pitch ratio of 3:12 or less, while a steep sloped roof is generally a ratio of 4:12 or greater.

There truly is no such thing as a completely flat roof, as every roof has some sort of pitch to help drain water. Thus, low slope roofing and flat roofing are one in the same. Steep slope roofing is generally just called sloped roofing or a pitched roof.

Disadvantages & Benefits of Flat & Sloped Roofing in Calgary

Flat roofing tends to be troublesome because it doesn’t drain water as easily as sloped roofing. It is more likely to develop cracks and leaks, which can be difficult to find and often lead to roof replacement as your best repair option. However, flat roofing comes with large overhangs that do not block windows and offer good protection of the house or building.

Sloped roofing can be more difficult to install, depending on the pitch you desire. Roofs with very steep slopes present more hazards than lower slope roofs, so you need to make sure you hire a competent and insured roofer to install a steep slope roof. However, sloped roofs in general are less expensive and last longer than flat roofs because they are easier to install. Sloped roofs drain water very well and provide good overhangs to protect your building. Sloped roofing also come in various pitch ratios, offering you the ability to customize your home even more.

Types of Sloped Roofing

Many home and business owners find sloped roofing to be a great option because it comes in such varieties. Not only are there many different pitches for sloped roofing, there are also many different shingle options. At Onit Roofing, we provide many types of shingles for sloped roofs, including:

Choosing your roof should be based on the following criteria: slope, appearance, wind-resistance, water-resistance, durability, and warrantee.

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If you’re in need of new roofing in Calgary, contact Onit Roofing. We offer new roof installations and repairs for both flat roofs and sloped roofs, enabling us to help home and business owners alike. Our experienced team has knowledge of each type of roofing, as well as each type of shingle, so if you’re uncertain about what roofing materials to choose, simply ask us and we can help you decide.

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